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Welcome To Garfi3ld.com

Sunday November 25th 2012: Testing out something for a new website A Random Image

Sunday November 19th 2006: Ive finnaly picked up the domain name for my new username. Im sure most people who know me can figure out why i picked this name. Anyhow im going to update a few small things then work on my other website http://badz24designs.com

Thursday September 15th 2005: Welp i was told none of my poems worked so im going to fix that. I might even update a lil more of this sites its been a good long while sense i have even touched it. Keep an eye out :)

Monday March 22nd 2004: Wow its been forever, i havnt been online. No net at home so im letting most of my sites go the way of the dodo bird. Oddly enough i meet a nice girl not to long after my last post on here. Im even engaged now!! Were just trying to get everything cought up a lil at a time. I owe a bunch of people money and im just trying to take thigns one step at a time. I hope they understand. Anyhow other than that im looking forward to the change in the weather, it will be great to be able to go out and enjoy the weather.

Friday September 19th 2003: Been up to not to much other than trying to find a new job. Had an amazing sunset tonight so I ran off and was trying to find a place to take a few pics. Even though my car was very dirty I took a few of it.

Wednesday August 27th 2003: I've finally sat down and changed my site. With the new car and life I just haven't had time to keep up with it. I'm dropping the forum because of lack of use. Ill stick with a much more basic layout on this one just to keep it easy to read and easy to update.

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